Management & Purpose

The Administrative Services Division is led by an administrative manager who manages fiscal and administrative functions for the office, as well as the clerical support team, with the goal of providing all of the resources necessary to carry out the mission and work of the office.


The clerical support team is led by two supervising legal secretaries, with a staff of ten legal secretaries who are assigned to work closely with the attorneys in each of the caseload areas, and three office assistants who support the overall operations of the office.

These teams handle the entire case from intake through sentencing. They prepare:

  • Briefs
  • Complaints
  • Discovery
  • Motions
  • Other Necessary Paperwork
  • Subpoenas

They help the attorneys prepare their cases for court by ordering any necessary documents from outside agencies such as:

  • Certified Prior Convictions
  • Dispatch Logs
  • Dispatch Tapes
  • Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Printouts
  • Photographs

They work closely with the Victim Witness component of the District Attorney’s office by sending out victim correspondence and forwarding messages and phone calls to the Victim Advocates. They compile statistics, answer phones, interact with the public, maintain database and case files, calendar cases, and pull cases for the court calendars.

Staff & Responsibilities

The fiscal staff consists of a staff services analyst and an account clerk. The division is responsible for administering the budget, service contracts, grant funding, and compliance and handles payroll, procurement, accounting and audit functions for the District Attorney’s Office. Currently, the fiscal team is responsible for tracking revenue and expenditures, reporting, and audit compliance for about 20 distinct state and federally funded programs.