Fines & Fees

Overdue Fines

The Napa County Library is proud to no longer charge fines on overdue materials.

Online and In Person Payment Refund Process (PDF)

Community Room

The fees to rent the Library Community Room are:

  • For non-profit organizations:
    • Rental fee, first 2 hours: No Charge
    • Rental fee, each additional hour: $50 per hour
    • Non-resident fee: $50 per use
  • For private or commercial groups:
    • Rental fee: $100 per 
    • Non-resident fee: $100 per use
  • Cleaning Deposit: $100 per use
  • Equipment Deposit: $200 per use
  • Missing or damaged equipment: Cost of repair or replacement
  • Community Meeting Room key deposit: $100

Library Cards

  • Referral of a delinquent library card account to a collection agency $10 per occurrence

Equipment Use

  • The fees to use the Library-owned equipment (except microphones) by groups using library meeting facilities shall be $25 per use.
  • Groups using the Library-owned equipment in the Community Meeting Room shall be charged the cost of repair of replacement for any missing or damaged equipment.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Fee for lost or destroyed materials: Cost of materials
  • Copying and printing:
    • Black and white $0.10 per page
    • Color $0.50 per page
  • Inter-Library Loans: $5
  • Minor damage of library item or loss of a component as follows: $5
    • Lost parts of a kit are not replaceable. Full cost of kit is charged.
  • Loss of single, replaceable CD: $10
    • Napa County Returned Check/Administrative Fees: $45