Fines & Fees

Overdue Fines

The fees for overdue books are:

  • Adult materials $0.25 per day per item
    • $10 maximum
  • Children’s and Young Adult materials do not accrue overdue fines

Online and In Person Payment Refund Process (PDF)

Community Room

The fees to rent the Library Community Room are:

  • For non-profit organizations:
    • Rental fee, first 2 hours: No Charge
    • Rental fee, each additional hour: $50 per hour
    • Non-resident fee: $50 per use
  • For private or commercial groups:
    • Rental fee: $100 per 
    • Non-resident fee: $100 per use
  • Cleaning Deposit: $100 per use
  • Equipment Deposit: $200 per use
  • Missing or damaged equipment: Cost of repair or replacement
  • Community Meeting Room key deposit: $100

Library Cards

  • Referral of a delinquent library card account to a collection agency $10 per occurrence

Equipment Use

  • The fees to use the Library-owned equipment (except microphones) by groups using library meeting facilities shall be $25 per use.
  • Groups using the Library-owned equipment in the Community Meeting Room shall be charged the cost of repair of replacement for any missing or damaged equipment.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Fee for lost or destroyed materials: Cost of materials
  • Copying and printing:
    • Black and white $0.10 per page
    • Color $0.50 per page
  • Inter-Library Loans: $5
  • Minor damage of library item or loss of a component as follows: $5
    • Lost parts of a kit are not replaceable. Full cost of kit is charged.
  • Loss of single, replaceable CD: $10
    • Napa County Returned Check/Administrative Fees: $45