Epidemiology & Surveillance Program

The Epidemiology and Surveillance Program is responsible for the collection and analysis of health-related data for Napa County. In addition to chronic diseases (e.g. cancer, heart disease, and stroke), the program also produces data and publications on a range of community health concerns including substance use, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, maternal and child health outcomes, and social determinants of health (e.g. poverty, education, and the built environment).

Data, Publications & Health Statistics

Find information about:

  • Publications and Reports
  • Community Health Assessments
  • Summaries and Profiles of Napa County Demographics 
  • Vital Statistics and Communicable Disease Reports
  • GIS Maps

Visit out Data, Publications & Health Statistics page.

HIV/AIDS Reporting & Surveillance

Adult HIV/AIDS Confidential Case Report Form, as well as form instructions, reporting requirement, CA HIV/AIDS Laws, and more. Visit our HIV / AIDS Reporting page.