Bloodlines LLC Soda Canyon Vineyard


A total of 11 vineyard blocks are proposed for development within areas with slopes greater than 5%, thereby triggering the need for an Agricultural Erosion Control Plan (ECPA) and approval from the Napa County Engineering and Conservation Division of the Planning, Building and Environmental Services Department pursuant to Chapter 18.108 of the Napa County Code (Conservation Regulations). Vineyard development activities include: removal of brush, trees, and associated vegetation in proposed clearing limits; blasting, soil ripping, and rock removal; installing erosion control measures, trenching for irrigation pipelines, and installation of trellis system and deer fence around vineyard blocks or block clusters (to minimize impact on wildlife movement); establishment and maintenance of a cover crop; and mulching, planting, and maintenance of vines.

Project Information

  • Application: P16-00323
  • Project Number: P16-00323
  • Project Class: Vineyards
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  • Parcel: 
    • 032-500-011
    • 032-540-002
    • 032-540-003
    • 032-540-005
    • 032-540-007
    • 032-540-008
    • 032-540-043
    • 032-540-044
    • 032-540-046
  • Address:
    NA Soda Canyon Road
    Napa, CA 94558

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