In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority

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The Napa County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority assists recipients and providers within the Napa County IHSS program. 

The IHSS Public Authority is embedded in the Napa County IHSS program, and works to: maintain the IHSS Registry of Providers, assist with Provider enrollment, facilitate Provider/ Recipient mediation and training, and support the IHSS Advisory Committee. 

The IHSS Registry of Providers

The IHSS Registry of Providers is a referral service that connects available IHSS Registry Providers with IHSS Recipients looking for care. 

IHSS Recipients can request a list of IHSS Registry Providers here.

Become an IHSS Registry Provider

Individuals can become IHSS Registry Providers in 3 easy steps:

1. Enroll as an IHSS Provider

2. Complete the IHSS Registry Provider Application

3. Complete a Training with IHSS Public Authority Staff

IHSS Provider Resources


It's easy to complete IHSS timesheets online. Click here to get started.

For information and training about eTimesheets, visit the CDSS ESP Help webpage. 

CDSS - IHSS Provider Resources

The State of California Department of Social Services has a number of self-help materials on their website for IHSS care providers. Click here to learn more.

Vaccination Resources

Are you looking for the most up-to-date information about Covid-19 vaccines? Click here to learn more.


1. Want to learn more about Covid-19 and how it relates to care providing? CareAcademy offers a free certification course. Click here to learn more.

2. Collabria Care offers training and resources for care providers throughout the year. Click here to learn more.

Support Groups

Finding support is just a click away

1. Collabria Care offers support groups for care providers. Click here to learn more.

Private Caregiver Registration

Napa County has a local ordinance that requires private caregivers register through the State's Home Care Aide Registry.   

Please note, you only need to register if:

1. You are a private caregiver working for pay, AND

2. You are caring for someone not receiving IHSS services, AND

3. You are providing care outside of an agency. 

If this applies to you, please click here to get started.