Working for Napa County

As an organization, the County is dedicated to improving the lives of citizens and reflecting the best of the community's values: integrity, accountability and service. County employees are servants of the public, and are held to the standards set forth in the Board of Supervisors' statements of Vision, Mission and Values. The dedicated men and women who find careers at Napa County see public service as a calling, and perform to the best of their abilities daily. We know that through our efforts, we contribute to the health, safety and quality of life for our neighbors, our friends and our families.

The Napa Valley

With its world-renowned wines, restaurants and resorts, the Napa Valley has given its name to an idyllic lifestyle of laid-back sophistication. The Valley is also home to 130,000 residents who share a strong sense of community and a legacy of preserving and protecting their rich agricultural heritage. Located in the heart of California's pre-eminent wine region, Napa County is also part of the dynamic San Francisco Bay metropolitan area. With its sunny Mediterranean climate and proximity to the mountains and the ocean, the County offers residents easy access to virtually unlimited shopping, dining, cultural and recreational opportunities.

Most of Napa Valley residents live in one of the County's five incorporated cities or towns, ranging from Napa, the County seat, with a population of 74,000, to Yountville, with 3,280 residents. With its strategic location, natural and cultural resources, history of responsible land use planning and attractive quality of life, Napa County offers its residents the ideal mix of small town living and big city amenities.

The County Organization

A general law county, Napa County is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors, elected by district for four-year terms. The Board of Supervisors appoints a County Executive Officer, who is responsible for providing overall management for County's operations, including day-to-day supervision of the County's appointed department heads.

The County has a budget of more than $270 million and 1,300 employees who provide services through 18 departments. Five departments are managed by elected officials and the remainder are managed by department heads appointed by the Board of Supervisors based on the recommendation of the County Executive Officer. County services include: 

  • Airport operations
  • Elections
  • Emergency operations
  • Environmental management
  • Land use permitting
  • Library services
  • Public health
  • Public safety
  • Road maintenance
  • Social services