Compensation Information

Napa County's elected officials, appointed officials and staff are committed to transparency on compensation. To make it easier to find a comprehensive set of information on pay and benefits, this Compensation Information page has been developed. Napa County timely provides information on salary and other benefits to the State Controller’s Office each year in compliance with Government Code section 53891. The information provided by Napa County for calendar years 2009-2019 is available on the State of California's website.

  1. Appointed Officials
  2. Board of Supervisors
  3. Elected Officials

Appointed Officials

The monthly salaries and benefits of appointed officials as of June 29, 2019 are as follows:

  • County Counsel, Jeff Brax, is paid $22,211 monthly
  • Director of Corrections, Dina Jose, is paid $15,784 monthly
  • Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures, Tracy Cleveland*, is paid $12,481 monthly
  • Chief Probation Office, Julie Baptista, is paid $14,321 monthly
  • County Executive Officer, Minh Tran*, is paid $23,426 monthly
  • Director of Child Support Services, Janet Nottley, is paid $15,784 monthly
  • Director of Health and Human Services, Jennifer Yasumoto, is paid $20,145 monthly
  • Director of Human Resources, Christine Briceno, is paid $15,033 monthly
  • Director of Library Services, Anthony Halstead, is paid $12,990 monthly
  • Director of Planning, Building & Environmental Services, David Morrison, is paid $19,186 monthly
  • Director of Public Works, Steven Lederer, is paid $19,186 monthly
  • Public Defender, Ronald Abernethy, is paid $20,145 monthly

*Have individual contracts that are approved by the Board of Supervisors

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