Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency

The mission of the Napa County EMS Agency is to incorporate multiple agencies and facilities into a dynamic emergency medical care delivery system that is focused on rapid access, quality assessment, stabilization and transportation when emergency services are necessary.

The Napa County EMS Agency is part of the Napa County Public Health Division. The Agency is staffed with dedicated professionals and are committed to bringing the people of Napa County the high level of care they deserve.

What We Do

We plan, implement and evaluate the local EMS system and the various components contained Napa County Emergency Medical Services Logowithin it. Specific functions are specified in the California State Health and Safety Code (PDF). Our duties include:  

  • Authorizing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating emergency medical services including a trauma system and advanced life support (ALS) programs.  
  • Approving and monitoring training programs for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Paramedics and Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD).
  • In conjunction with these training programs, EMS also handles the certification, accreditation and authorization for the above personnel.
  • Establishing policies and procedures for medical control and quality improvement of the EMS system, including dispatch, patient care, patient destination and ALS designations.
  • Establishing ordinances and/or exclusive operating areas for the regulation of ambulance services; licensing the ambulance providers; coordinating and monitoring both air and ground ambulances.

EMS Event Reporting

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