Napa County Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan


The purpose of the Voluntary Oak Woodlands Management Plan is to provide a conservation framework for the preservation of the County's oak woodland resources. The Plan provides a summary of the location, condition and value of Napa County’s oak woodlands; identifies potential threats; outlines conservation strategies and best management practices. Upon adoption by a resolution of the Board, County landowners, agencies, and non-profits will be eligible for grants under the California Oak Woodlands Conservation Act (2001). Adoption of the Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan also completes an action item included in the Napa County General Plan and address one of the Board’s strategic objectives.

Public Input & Hearings

The Napa County Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan was prepared with input from a wide range of community stakeholder groups and representatives interested in the conservation of oak woodlands in Napa County. The Plan was circulated for initial public comments from February 1 to March 15, 2010. It was also presented to the Wildlife Conservation Commission at their February 8th meeting and the Watershed Information Center and Conservancy Board (WICC) at their March 25, 2010 meeting. An overview of the Plan and update on the status/schedule was provided to the Board of Supervisors at their May 25, 2010 meeting. Staff continued outreach, meeting with stakeholder groups and interested individuals, to address questions/comments and suggested revisions, which were reflected in the Plan.

County planning staff provided a summary of the updated draft Voluntary Oak Woodlands Management Plan for the Planning Commission’s consideration and recommendation at their October 6th meeting. The Planning Commission conducted a public hearing, incorporated minor edits as recommended by staff, and unanimously recommended approval of the Plan.

The Board of Supervisors held a public hearing and approved a resolution of adoption for the Napa County Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan at their October 26, 2010 meeting.

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For additional information about the Plan, please contact Brian Bordona.

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