Napa HHSA Campus Final EIR


The County owns an 8.6-acre parcel located at 2344 Old Sonoma Road in the City of Napa, commonly known as the Old Sonoma Road Campus. The property currently houses the County’s Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) and is adjacent to the county-owned Juvenile Hall facility (Southwest corner). The County is in the process of moving a majority of the Health and Human Services agency to another site in south Napa and is expected to vacate the property in summer 2016.

The 8.6-acre site, commonly referred to as the Old Sonoma Road site, is bounded by residential neighborhoods on Old Sonoma Road to the South, Walnut Avenue to the West, Gesford Street to the East, and Pine Street to the North. A Seventh-Day Adventist school is immediately adjacent to the property on the Northside.

The campus opened in the 1920s and currently includes 12 buildings and several modular buildings and temporary trailers. The site is well landscaped and characterized by a crescent shape entrance bordered by Buildings A, B, and C, which are the original public health buildings.

Master Plan: Possibly Affordable Housing

The County is in the processing of identifying a master plan consultant to develop site options for medium-density housing and assist the County with rezoning the property that is located within the City of Napa. The County is particularly interested in including Affordable Housing in the entitlement process. 

For more information please contact Molly Rattigan at 707-253-4112, or by emailing Molly Rattigan.

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  • Parcel: 004-291-015-000
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