Napa Storage


Napa Storage proposes to in crease the amount of recreational vehicles (RVs) stored on-site by 50 spaces for a total of 230 RV storage spaces by expanding the number of uncovered storage parking spaces on the parcel. The project proposes to develop a new area for the uncovered storage parking spaces in a vacant on-site location east of the existing improved area. In addition to the increase in RV storage capacity, the Applicant proposes to install an RV sanitary dump station on-site to allow for the treatment and disposal of sanitary wastewater. Furthermore, the Applicant intends to replace the current domestic septic system that serves the existing 2 bedroom residence and office with a new septic system sized to accommodate both the current employee and residential usage and the proposed usage by customers disposing of their RV's sanitary wastewater.

As part of the proposed improvements, the Applicant intends to provide landscaping between Devlin Road and the proposed uncovered storage are to provide screening of the RBs from the public view.

Project Information

  • Application: P15-00134
  • Project Number: P15-00134
  • Project Class: Other
  • Related Applications: 
  • Parcel: 057-170-014-000
  • Address:
    1111 Soscol Ferry Road
    Napa, CA 94558

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