Upper Range Vineyard Project


The Upper Range Vineyard Project - Rodgers Property would involve installing erosion control features and measures and the subsequent operations for a new approximately 161-acre vineyard on privately owned properties. (APNs 030-200-002, 030-130-008, 030-220-009, and 030-220-027/028/029/030 (formerly 030-220-001) The new vineyard would be situated on seven contiguous parcels totaling approximately 678 acres. The project site is located in the hills between the Silverado Trail and Lake Hennessey, about 2 miles northeast of Rutherford and 13 miles north of the City of Napa. 

The erosion control measures would be implemented in the proposed vineyard area, which would cover 161 acres (approximately 24% of the total 678 acres), while the existing site conditions would remain as is on 517 acres (approximately 76% of the total 678 acres). The vineyard layout was designed by the property owners to minimize the need for grading and tree removal.

Project Information

  • Application: 02454-ECPA
  • Project Number: 02454-ECPA
  • Project Class: Other
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  • Parcel: 030-200-002, 030-130-008, 030-220-009 and 030-220-027/028/029/030
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