EMS Certification & Accreditation

The Napa County EMS Agency administers certification/accreditation of pre-hospital care personnel. Information and forms for these services are available by following the links below.

Please make an appointment with the EMS Agency staff before stopping by our office. We are delighted to help you, but also want to ensure we are able to be responsive to your needs.

Important Notice

Due to changes in state regulations regarding the issuance of EMT certificates, applications may take up to 30 days to process. In some cases, additional processing time may be needed for issues related to background investigations. Please make an appointment with the EMS Agency staff 30 days prior to your certification/license expiring.


For an appointment contact the EMS Agency office at:

EMT Initial Certification or Re-Certification

What are the requirements for:

Paramedic Accreditation

Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD)