Emergency Operations Plans

Concept of Operations Base Plan (CONPLAN)

Download the Concept of Operations Base Plan (PDF). This plan establishes the Napa County Health and Human Services Agency emergency organization, assigns a task, specifies policies and general procedures, and provides for coordination of planning efforts using Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). All Plans are available to download in PDF.

CONPLAN: AttachmentsDescription
A: Health Officer Authorities (PDF)
Describes Health Officer statutory authorities
B: Department Operations Center (PDF)
Describes Department Operations Center (DOC) organization and positions
C: Bioterrorism (PDF)
Supplements the DOC Plan in coordinating the medical/health response to a biological event

CONPLAN: Appendix
1: HHSA Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) (PDF)
Establishes procedures to ensure continuation of essential functions of Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA)
2: Crisis Emergency Risk Communication Plan (CERC) (PDF)
Establishes responsibilities and coordination of crisis communication
3: Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Plan (PDF)
Describes the procedures for requesting, receiving, managing, distributing and dispensing the contents of the Strategic National Stockpile
4: Countermeasure Distribution Plan (PDF)
Describes operational and logistical procedures to set up and manage Points of Distribution (POD) sites
5: Outbreak / Epidemiologic Response Plan (PDF)
Describes activation, authorities, policies and procedures to manage response to a significant communicable disease outbreak
6: Medical Surge Plan (PDF)
Provides definitions, authorities, resources and alternate care sites for events that may overwhelm day-to-day resources
7: Mass Care and Shelter Plan (PDF)
Describes roles and responsibilities in the provision of shelter, feeding, sleeping and sanitary accommodations to the general population in a disaster
8: HHSA Campus Response Plan
(Not for public distribution)
Describes procedural responses to HHSA campus emergencies
9: Local Assistance Center Plan (PDF)
Provides a framework to establish a “one-stop shop” for information and resources to assist disaster victims
10: Excessive Heat Emergencies Response Plan (PDF)
Provides information and structure for HHSA response during heat-related emergencies
11: Fatality Management Plan (PDF
Describes authorities, assigns tasks, and outlines responsibilities and proper responses to mass fatalities
12: Healthcare Evacuation Plan (PDF)
An operational guide to facilitate the safe and orderly evacuation of healthcare facilities