MRC / Medical Volunteer Registration

Register as a Napa County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Volunteer

  1. Go to: the Healthcare Volunteers website
  2. Click the red button “Register Now” towards the bottom of the page
  3. Under the gray title bar “Organizations”
    1. Click the box that says “Select”
    2. From the drop down menu click “County Organizations”
    3. Click the gray box “Select Organizations”
    4. Scroll down and check the box next to “Napa County Unit”
    5. At the bottom right of the box click “Select”
  4. Fill out your information
  5. Under the last gray title bar “Volunteer Opportunities ” click the circle “Yes” for MRC opportunities
  6. Complete you registration
  7. If you have any questions:
    Email Public Health Preparedness

These instructions are also available for download. View, print, or download the Step by Step Volunteer Registration Instructions (PDF).