Napa County Airport


Napa County Airport staff has been very busy preparing for the much needed rehabilitation project of the airport’s most heavily used runway (18R-36L), as well as the shorter parallel runway (18L-36R), and a portion of the crosswind runway (6-24).  The majority of this project (90%) is being funded by the FAA, contributing in-excess of $13.9M. 

The main runway (18R-36L) and crosswind runway (6-24) were originally constructed by the Army in 1942, and the runway surfaces are well overdue for rehabilitation.

Phases 1 of 6 is completed and phases 2 through 6 are expected to begin in spring 2019 and end early fall 2019.  Each phase will have different airfield impacts including closed runways and taxiways.  Please monitor NOTAMS for airport impacts and this website for updated construction information.

Learn about the operational impacts.

About Us

The Napa County Airport is the “Skyport to the Wine Country”.  The Napa Valley, a world-class winegrowing region and home to renowned wineries, top-ranked restaurants, luxurious spas and pristine golf links, awaits.   When you travel, for business or for pleasure, choose Napa County Airport, popularly called Napa Valley Airport, your Skyport to the Wine Country and the San Francisco Bay Area.

No Commercial Airline Services

Please note: There is no commercial airline service into, or out of the Napa County Airport. You may consider charter options through the Napa Jet Center or by becoming a member of SurfAir to take advantage of air transportation services from the Napa Airport.

Closest Airports

For commercial airline services, the closest airports from Napa would be: Sonoma County (Santa Rosa), Oakland International, Sacramento International, and San Francisco International.

Message from Manager

"Watch us take off!" We certainly are taking off here at Napa County Airport.

Air taxi service, corporate jet and fractional ownership jet traffic is increasing. Anchor or cornerstone long-term tenants such as Bridgeford Flying Services doing business as (DBA) Napa Jet Center, Golden Gate Air Operations Unit of the California Highway Patrol, are joined by 6 jet aircraft storage hangars. In addition to our corporate tenants, we also have 179 short-term hangar agreements.

Napa County Airport tenants provide 406 jobs with a total income of $18.4 million annually. The Airport is financially supported through revenue earned at the Airport along with Federal and State grants for capital improvements. There is no County general fund support. It is estimated that aircraft at Napa County Airport provide $2.3 million annually in property taxes. Nearly 83 percent of the tax dollars collected is allocated to Napa Valley schools.

We’re proud of our airport, and what it means to our community. Visit Napa County Airport to take a flight, watch arriving and departing aircraft, and visit Napa County’s best civic value.