What services are available to Veterans?

Veterans may be eligible for:

  • Compensation for service-connected illnesses or injuries
  • Pension for war-era veterans
  • Benefits for surviving spouses or dependents
  • Veterans and dependents education/training programs
  • Medical care
  • Home loans / loan guarantees
  • Burial cost reimbursement and death benefits
  • Information about veterans homes
  • College fee waiver program for eligible dependents

The Veterans Services office also provides advocacy for the veteran or dependent dealing with state and federal agencies and requiring community resource referrals. For further information, contact us at 707-253-4558.

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1. What services are available to Veterans?
2. Who is eligible for Veterans Services?
3. How do I learn more about Veterans Services?
4. Where do I apply for Veterans Services?
5. How do I prove I am a veteran?
6. How can I get a copy of my discharge papers?
7. How can I get the “Veteran” designation put on my driver’s license?
8. How do I check the status of my claim?
9. I am a dependent or survivor of a veteran, are services available to me?
10. Do I need an appointment to meet with the Veterans Services Officer or the Veterans Services Representative?
11. Who is considered a veteran?
12. If I have additional questions about services provided at the Veterans office, who should I contact?
13. Where is the Veterans Services office located and what are the office hours?