How much does it cost?

To complete the initial registration, the cost is between $94.00 and $110.00.  This includes: $35.00 for the State’s application fee and between $59.00-$75.00 for the Livescan fee. The Livescan fee includes the California Department of Justice (DOJ) fee, which is currently $32.00, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) fee, which is currently $17.00 and the fee the Livescan operator charges, which varies, to process the fingerprints.  The Livescan fee is required only one time and the $35.00 application fee is required every two years at the time of renewal.

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1. What is the definition of a caregiver or home care aide?
2. Do I need to register?
3. Where do I register?
4. Why do I need to register?
5. Are employees of Home Care Organizations required to register?
6. Are family members required to register?
7. Do I have to register in person?
8. How much does it cost?
9. How long does it take to complete the registration process?
10. Where can I get a TB test?
11. Do I need to get a TB test every time I renew my registration?
12. What if I want to hire someone who doesn’t pass the background check?
13. What do I do if someone I know is providing in home care but is not registered?
14. What are the consequences for failing to register?
15. What convictions require a criminal record exemption?
16. How often does a home care aide need have their fingerprints Livescanned?
17. Does the State check misdemeanors as well as felonies and does the background check go back seven years if the home care aide resided in another state?