What are children in foster care like?

They are like any other children. They range in age from newborn babies to teenagers. There may be one child alone, or two or more brothers or sisters. Like any other children, they need love and security. They need interested, dependable adults to guide them and encourage them. Like all children they have a deep love for their own parents, even parents who may have neglected or mistreated them. 

Children in care find themselves suddenly separated from their parents, their homes, their pets, and their toys. All that was familiar is gone. Even though they are now safer, they experience tremendous loss. Rather than appreciate the people who are taking care of them, children in care might become fearful. Some will express their inner fears by being overly timid and quiet. Others may react aggressively. Nightmares and bed wetting are not uncommon reactions as well. For further information, contact us at 707-253-4761.

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1. What is resource parenting?
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