What is licensing?

The law in our state requires that families caring for unrelated children under 18 years of age be licensed. Foster home licenses are obtained through Napa County’s Child Welfare Division. A social worker visits the home to ensure that it is safe and has sufficient room for a foster child. The worker becomes acquainted with the family during the home visits. Prospective resource parents as well as anyone over the age of 18 must be fingerprinted for a criminal background check before the license is issued. Applicants also must have CPR / First Aid certification. It usually takes about three months before a license is issued. The license specifies the number and age of children who can be cared for, as determined jointly by the resource parents and the social worker. For further information, contact us at 707-253-4761.< / p>

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1. What is resource parenting?
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22. What is licensing?
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