What if I need help?

Napa County resource parents join a community that offers many different kinds of support. There are several events during the year including a Resource Parent Appreciation Dinner in May, a summer family camp-out, and the annual Holiday Party in December. After a child is placed, the resource parent will meet regularly with the social workers and others concerned about the child’s health and safety. The child’s social worker will meet with you to identify the child’s needs and resources that will help meet those needs. 

Throughout the placement the social worker is available to help the child and the resource parents with any problems that might arise. The social worker may also connect the resource parent to other professionals who can help.The Foster Parent Association and Napa Valley College work together to provide educational programs. The Association is a place for resource parents to share their experiences and help each other solve problems. The Foster Parent Association also plans events and group outings. The Foster Kids Fund is a private organization that helps to pay for special things like club memberships or camps. For further information, contact us at 707-253-4761.

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1. What is resource parenting?
2. Why do some children need resource care?
3. What is “kinship care”?
4. What are children in foster care like?
5. What does it take to be a resource parent?
6. How do I know if resource parenting is right for me and my family?
7. How are children placed in homes?
8. What happens to children when they are first removed from their birth families?
9. How long will a child be in my home?
10. What if I want to adopt a child?
11. How long will I wait before a child comes to live with me?
12. May I choose the child I want?
13. Will I get to meet the child before he / she comes to live with me?
14. Will the birth parents know where I live?
15. Do I need to be married to be a resource parent? Can I be divorced and be a resource parent?
16. What about if I rent my home?
17. Am I too old to be a resource parent?
18. Can I be a resource parent if I am working?
19. Can a foster child go to church with us?
20. Do foster children need individual bedrooms?
21. What are the financial arrangements?
22. What is licensing?
23. What if I need help?
24. Will I ever get to see the children again?
25. I know a child who I might want to have live with me. What should I do?
26. Can I place a foster child in day care?
27. Why do I need to take classes before resource parenting? I know how to raise children.
28. What can I expect when the licensing social worker visits my home?
29. What safety requirements does my home have to meet?