Can I place a foster child in day care?

By law, foster children may not stay home alone with the exception of some teenage foster children, who may be allowed to stay at home alone for limited periods of time. If needed, appropriate child care arrangements should be made by the resource parents. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide additional funding to cover child care, although foster children are generally eligible for subsidized child care programs. 

The Redwood Empire Foster Parent Association currently provides some respite care funding to their members who are Emergency Foster Parents. This allows these resource parents to run errands, handle a family emergency, or simply to take a break from the daily demands of parenting without having to pay for child care. Also, many of our resource parents get to know each other and become comfortable exchanging some child care between themselves. Financial arrangements should be made between the resource parent and the respite care provider. For further information, contact us at 707-253-4761.

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26. Can I place a foster child in day care?
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