Why do I need to take classes before resource parenting? I know how to raise children.

It is important to understand that parenting a foster child it is not the same as parenting a birth child or even a stepchild. Most of the children in care have been abandoned, abused or neglected and this impacts the children’s emotional state and behavior. Even infants are affected by their experiences both before and after birth, and some were exposed to their mother’s substance abuse during her pregnancy. You will need to talk with your foster children about their birth families and help them manage their feelings about being separated. You also need to learn how to interact with the children’s families and to know how to respond before and after the children visit with parents, siblings and other family members. 

The pre-service training will help prepare you for this and help you to understand the court process set up for the children’s welfare. You will learn about various community resources and meet some of the professionals you will be working with. You will also become acquainted with one or more experienced resource parents who can serve as a mentor to guide you along the way. The training and support you receive can help make resource parenting a positive experience. Napa County's training is free of charge. Each resource parent is also expected to participate in eight hours of continuing education every year after being licensed. A variety of interesting and useful classes are available.For further information, contact us at 707-253-4761.

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1. What is resource parenting?
2. Why do some children need resource care?
3. What is “kinship care”?
4. What are children in foster care like?
5. What does it take to be a resource parent?
6. How do I know if resource parenting is right for me and my family?
7. How are children placed in homes?
8. What happens to children when they are first removed from their birth families?
9. How long will a child be in my home?
10. What if I want to adopt a child?
11. How long will I wait before a child comes to live with me?
12. May I choose the child I want?
13. Will I get to meet the child before he / she comes to live with me?
14. Will the birth parents know where I live?
15. Do I need to be married to be a resource parent? Can I be divorced and be a resource parent?
16. What about if I rent my home?
17. Am I too old to be a resource parent?
18. Can I be a resource parent if I am working?
19. Can a foster child go to church with us?
20. Do foster children need individual bedrooms?
21. What are the financial arrangements?
22. What is licensing?
23. What if I need help?
24. Will I ever get to see the children again?
25. I know a child who I might want to have live with me. What should I do?
26. Can I place a foster child in day care?
27. Why do I need to take classes before resource parenting? I know how to raise children.
28. What can I expect when the licensing social worker visits my home?
29. What safety requirements does my home have to meet?