What can I expect when the licensing social worker visits my home?

We understand that we are visiting the homes of real people with busy households. We do not expect our resource homes to be spotless or beautifully decorated. We do want to make sure that your home will be a comfortable, healthy and safe place for a child to live. Our licensing social worker usually makes two visits before licensing a resource home. At the first visit she checks to see whether the home meets state standards. If there are concerns, the social worker and applicants work together to try to make a mutually agreeable plan to ensure that the home will meet standards. At the second visit any concerns noted earlier will be rechecked to make sure that the home meets health, safety and comfort standards before licensing. 

The licensing social worker also will interview you during these visits to learn about your background, current situation and lifestyle, your family, and your preferences and ideas about resource parenting. This will help the children’s social workers to better match children and resource families. Social workers also will make periodic visits by appointment after you are licensed. For further information, contact us at 707-253-4761.

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