What if I am told I have to participate but I am unable to?

You may qualify from an exemption from the program. There are many reasons someone could be exempt. Some of those reasons include:

  • Mental or physical disability that will last longer than 30 days
  • Caring for an Ill or Incapacitated Member of the household
  • Being pregnant and the pregnancy impairs your ability to participate
  • Victim of domestic violence
  • Having a child aged 0 to 23 months old (once in a lifetime exemption)

If you feel that you have one of the above reasons or would like to discuss a reason not listed with your worker, contact your Employment Services Worker to request an exemption or turn in an Exemption Request form. Your Employment Services Worker will discuss the issues with you and may require additional verification of your claim. For more information, contact your worker or call 707-253-4511. 

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