Can I report a crime to the DA's Office?

In most cases, crimes must be reported to the police department or other law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the city or county where the crime occurred. For example, if the crime occurred in Napa, it should be reported to the Napa Police Department (the Corrections department line is 707-253-4401).

If the crime was committed in the unincorporated area of the county or where the Sheriff is the contracting law enforcement agency (call 707-253-4509 for the Sheriff's Office), the crime should be reported to the Sheriff; however, there are certain exceptions. Specifically, crimes involving consumer fraud or the unlawful discharge of hazardous materials may be reported to the District Attorney's Consumer Fraud or the Environmental Crimes section (the DA's number is 707-253-4211). In addition, crimes involving misconduct by public officials may be reported to the District Attorney's Investigators.

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1. Can I report a crime to the DA's Office?
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