Why adopt a roadside?
  • Increases public involvement  
  • Promotes public awareness.  
  • Help supplement County resources, saving taxpayer dollars and freeing up roadway workers to deal with higher priority road maintenance.  
  • Replace wildflowers lost to roadside construction, urban development, and agricultural expansion
  • Provide enjoyment, interest, and pleasure to the senses of motorists and residents alike.  
  • Increase vegetation that provides wildlife habitat, consumes carbon dioxide, and helps reduce air pollution.  
  • Get recognition with a roadside sign.  
  • Get the pride and satisfaction of a job well done.
  • It's good exercise!

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1. Why adopt a roadside?
2. How do I adopt a roadside?
3. What am I committing to?
4. What will the County do?
5. What roads/sections are adoptable?
6. What if I want to adopt a section that is already adopted?
7. What if I want to adopt more than one section?
8. What if someone else wants to adopt one of my sections?