What am I committing to?
  1. Pick up litter along designated roadside, a minimum of four times a year, and a maximum twelve times per year.
  2. Plant and maintain wildflowers, bulbs or native shrubs for two years, according to an approved plan.
  3. Follow all safety and permit requirements (below and in the information packet (PDF)).
  4. Provide weatherproof decals of your organization's standardized logos if you want them on the recognition panel.

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1. Why adopt a roadside?
2. How do I adopt a roadside?
3. What am I committing to?
4. What will the County do?
5. What roads/sections are adoptable?
6. What if I want to adopt a section that is already adopted?
7. What if I want to adopt more than one section?
8. What if someone else wants to adopt one of my sections?