What will the County do?
  1. Provide use of safety gear: orange vests, signing, gloves, and trash nabbers.
  2. Provide free trash bags and dispose of the trash you collect. (We encourage separation of recyclable trash from generic trash and invite you to take recyclable trash with you.)
  3. Issue the permit at no charge.
  4. Assist you with planting plans and technical help.
  5. Install recognition sign.
  6. Pick up and deliver any equipment and resources provided by the County.

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1. Why adopt a roadside?
2. How do I adopt a roadside?
3. What am I committing to?
4. What will the County do?
5. What roads/sections are adoptable?
6. What if I want to adopt a section that is already adopted?
7. What if I want to adopt more than one section?
8. What if someone else wants to adopt one of my sections?