Why is Napa County so concerned about the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter when it is only a threat to vineyards?

The County of Napa has developed a reputation over time as one of the premier wine growing regions of the world. This has attracted foreign and domestic corporate entities to the region as well as individual winemakers, grape growers and others who desire the unique combination of climate and soils in which to practice their wine-producing craft. The competition within the local market for plantable acreage has created a situation where land values have risen to extreme levels. There are few, if any, commodities that could replace in large scale, the vineyard plantings and maintain the economic returns and conditions landowners require to maintain debt-service and ultimately, land ownership. The result of the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter / Pierce's Disease scenario would be the wholesale loss of agricultural lands to the "ultimate harvest" - residential and commercial development.

With existing Pierce's Disease infections causing an estimated $25 to $42 million annual loss to vineyard owners today, with the relatively inefficient Blue-Green Sharpshooter as the main vector, it is clear, and has been articulated by many experts that the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter should be prevented from introduction to Napa County at any cost, since the results to the Napa wine industry and to the entire economy of Napa County would be disastrous. In addition, the integration and interdependence of the wine industry and hospitality industry, the other major economic contributor to the local economy, creates a situation where the hospitality industry would suffer greatly if something catastrophic were to happen to the local wine industry.

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9. Why is Napa County so concerned about the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter when it is only a threat to vineyards?
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