What are the most common reasons why an applicant may get a “Rejection” notice?

The applicant does not provide enough detail about their work experience and duties in the Work Experience section on their application. For example, if you are applying for Automobile Mechanic, just writing “10 years as mechanic at XYZ Ford” doesn’t provide enough detail about your duties. Writing “As a mechanic at XYZ Ford dealership, I performed computerized diagnostics, repaired and replaced all components of the drive train, specialized in repairing hybrid vehicles, and did trouble-shooting of difficult electrical problems “provides enough information to assess your experience to see if it meets the Minimum Qualifications.

Required documents are not attached to the application, such as a transcript, diploma, or typing certificate. If the Job Announcement states you must attach documents to substantiate your education or certifications, your application will be rejected if you don’t.

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31. What are the most common reasons why an applicant may get a “Rejection” notice?
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