My child was arrested. What happens now?

The police report will be forwarded to the Probation Department. Based on what is in the police report, the Probation Department will decide what the next steps will be. Some options are to have the case handled informally or to request a petition be filed by the District Attorney and that the minor go to Court. The Probation Department can decide to keep a youth in Juvenile Hall or release them to a parent or guardian. If a petition is filed by the District Attorney, a Deputy Probation Officer will be assigned to do an investigation and write a report to the Court with recommendations.

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2. My child was arrested. What happens now?
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4. How do I get a copy of the police report?
5. When will my child be released from Juvenile Hall?
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7. What do I need to bring to my child’s first Court appearance?
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9. My child is out of control. Can I bring them to Juvenile Hall?
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11. My child was declared a Ward of the Court as the result of a sustained criminal charge and placed on probation. What can I now expect?
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13. How long will my child be on probation?
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