I have been affected by the fire, will I receive any relief to rebuild my home from Engineering?

In the event a structure(s) is destroyed by a disaster, the reconstruction or repair of legally constructed residential, commercial or industrial structure(s) may find relief from the Napa County Road and Street Standards provided the following conditions are met:

  • The replacement structure does not increase the square footage of the structure that previously existed;
  • The replacement structure does not change the use of the building that had existed previously; and
  • Napa County Fire determines the access was not a contributing factor in delaying or prohibiting emergency responders from accessing the original structure or for safe evacuation during the disaster and ensures reasonable ingress, egress, and capacity for evacuation and emergency response during future emergencies

If all provisions above cannot be met, then the reconstruction of the existing structure shall be considered new construction and shall be subject to these Standards accordingly.

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1. I have been affected by the fire, will I receive any relief to rebuild my home from Engineering?
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