Will any fees be waived for reconstruction in the fire area?

Development impact fees for schools and affordable housing fees do not apply to reconstruction of an existing structure with the same floor area. Impact fees may apply to additional floor area beyond the original structure, such as when a bedroom is added.


Permit processing fees

The Planning, Building, and Environmental Services Director shall reduce fees in the following amounts for all building permits submitted after October 7, 2017, for structures damaged or destroyed in the 2017 Napa Fire Complex:

  • Plan Review – Environmental Health Fee by 50%; and
  • Plan Review – Engineering Fee by 50%; and
  • Plan Review – Planning Fee by 50%; and
  • Plan Review – Standard by 50%; and
  • Imaging Plan Retention by 100%; and
  • Permit Issuance by 100%; and
  • Building Inspection by 25%; and
  • General Plan Surcharge by 100%.

To qualify for a fee reduction, the structure must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The original structure must have been legally established; and
  • The original structure must have been red- or yellow-tagged by the County as a structure damaged or destroyed in the 2017 Napa Fire Complex; and
  • The applicant must submit a complete building permit application to repair or replace the damaged or destroyed structure.

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