What is the process for applying for a permit for voluntary compliance?

The deadline for all landowners who wish to voluntarily apply for a use permit or use permit modification to remedy their violations is 2:00 pm on March 29, 2019.  Qualified use permit or modification applications must be substantially conforming and must be received by the Planning, Building, and Environmental Services (PBES) Department by the deadline.  A “substantially conforming” application must include a substantially complete set of the documents required in the application checklist, and information responsive to the requirements.  A “substantially conforming” application need not include technical studies where the applicant demonstrates that studies could not be completed by the deadline due to seasonal conditions or other extenuating circumstances.  All excluded technical studies must be submitted as soon as possible, not to exceed 120 days from the deadline.  Applicants must make a good faith effort to make the application as complete as possible.

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5. What is the process for applying for a permit for voluntary compliance?
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