What is the Consumer/Environmental Protection Unit (CEPU)?

The CEPU prosecutes unlawful business practices as well as environmental crimes. Our cases cover a wide range of unlawful conduct, including false advertising, overcharging, workplace safety violations, the marketing and sale of unapproved over-the-counter drugs, the generation, disposal, and transport of hazardous waste, and water pollution.

For more information, contact the Consumer/Environmental Protection Unit (CEPU) by email at [email protected], or by phone at (707) 253-4059.

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1. What is the Consumer/Environmental Protection Unit (CEPU)?
2. How is the CEPU staffed?
3. Why is the CEPU part of the DA’s office?
4. What is the punishment in consumer or environmental protection cases?
5. If I submit a consumer complaint, does the CEPU file a case on my behalf?
6. What else does CEPU do?
7. How can Napa County residents contact the CEPU?