What Groundwater Basins are located in Napa County?

As part of SGMA, DWR recognizes 5 groundwater basins and subbasins in Napa County. Here is the list of the basins and subbasins, along with the priority that DWR gave to each basin: 

  • Napa-Sonoma Valley - Napa Valley Subbasin – high priority
  • Napa-Sonoma Valley -Napa-Sonoma Lowlands Subbasin – very low priority
  • Pope Valley Basin – very low priority
  • Berryessa Valley Basin – very low priority
  • Suisun-Fairfield Valley Basin – low priority  

High and medium priority basins are subject to a variety of rules and regulations under SGMA. Low and very low priority basins are not required to take any action at this time. Learn more about requirements for each priority level here.

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