What are required elements of a GSP?

Required elements of a GSP are:

A description of the physical setting and characteristics of the aquifer system underlying the basin, including:

  • Historical data
  • Groundwater levels, groundwater quality, subsidence, and groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Historical and projected water demands and supplies
  • A map of the basin area and the boundaries of the groundwater sustainability agencies that overlie the basin
  • A map identifying existing and potential recharge areas for the basin

Measurable objectives to achieve the sustainability goal in the basin within 20 years of the implementation of the plan, including interim milestones.

  • How the plan helps meet each objective
  • How each objective is intended to achieve the sustainability goal

A planning and implementation horizon

Information about the following, as applicable:

  • The monitoring and management of groundwater levels within the basin.
  • The monitoring and management of groundwater quality, groundwater quality degradation, inelastic land surface subsidence, and changes in surface flow and surface water quality that directly affect groundwater levels or quality or are caused by groundwater extraction in the basin.
  • Mitigation of overdraft.
  • How recharge areas identified in the plan substantially contribute to the replenishment of the basin.
  • A description of surface water supply used or available for use for groundwater recharge or in-lieu use.
  • A summary of existing monitoring efforts, including site types, measured data, and monitoring frequency. These include all locations monitoring groundwater levels, groundwater quality, subsidence, streamflow, precipitation, evaporation, and/or tidal influence.
  • Monitoring protocols for detecting changes in groundwater levels, groundwater quality, and flow and quality of surface water that are linked to groundwater levels, quality, or extraction.
  • An assessment of how the GSP may affect applicable county and city general plans, as well as the various adopted water resources-related plans and programs within the basin.

More detailed requirements are identified in Section 10727 of the California Water Code.

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