I know I shouldn’t flush old medications down the toilet; where can I take them?

For drop-off of non-controlled substances and medications only:

  • Hazardous Waste Collection Facility | 889A Devlin Road, American Canyon | 1-800-984-9661 | Open Friday and Saturday 9am to 4pm

For drop-off of narcotics and other controlled substances and medications (and non-controlled substances/medications):

  • American Canyon Safeway | 103 American Canyon Road, American Canyon | (707) 649-5160 (Pharmacy)
  • Napa County Sheriff’s Office | 1535 Airport Blvd, Napa | (707) 253-4509
  • Napa Police Department | 1539 First St, Napa | (707) 257-9223 (Non-Emergency Number)
  • Napa Safeway | 3375 Jefferson Street, Napa | (707) 225-3040 (Pharmacy)
  • Yountville Sheriff Station | 1950 Mulberry St, Yountville | (707) 944-9228 (Use call box at front door for access)
  • Yountville Veterans Home | 123 California Drive, Yountville | (707) 944-4500
  • Vasconi’s Pharmacy | 1381 Main St, St. Helena | (707) 963-1444 | Open Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm, closed Sundays
  • St. Helena Police Station | 1480 Main St, St. Helena | (707) 967-2850
  • Calistoga Police Station | 1235 Washington St, Calistoga | 707-942-2810

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15. I know I shouldn’t flush old medications down the toilet; where can I take them?