Are you doing anything about well problems in the county like the Petra Dr / Soda Canyon area?

Water levels in northeastern Napa Subarea wells monitored by the County east of the Napa River have stabilized since 2009, though declines were observed over approximately the prior decade. The study, conducted between 2016 and 2017, included evaluation of the potential effects from pumping in the overall Study Area, potential mutual well interference in an area of interest near Petra Drive, and potential streamflow effects. As part of the Special Study, a transient numerical groundwater flow model was developed that incorporates the data collected for a base period of water years from 1988 to 2015 to analyze groundwater conditions in the Study Area and the area of interest near Petra Drive. At their meeting on October 24, 2017, the Board of Supervisors supported the findings and recommendations of the Special Study Report and directed staff to develop documentation (2018 Amendment) to formally establish the Northeast Napa Management Area covering approximately 1,960 acres within the 45,928- acre Napa Valley Subbasin. This 2018 Amendment provides additional detail about conditions in the Northeast Napa Management Area and establishes additional sustainable management criteria and management actions intended to support continued groundwater sustainability in the Napa Valley Subbasin as a whole. The 2018 Amendment designates seven representative monitoring sites as a subset of the monitoring sites in the Northeast Napa Management Area for the purpose of monitoring groundwater conditions that are representative of the management area, consistent with the GSP Regulations (Section 354.36). For SGMA purposes for the Napa Valley Subbasin, these seven sites are where sustainability indicators are monitored, and minimum thresholds and measurable objectives are defined. For more information, read the Northeast Napa Special Groundwater Study and Presentation.

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1. Is groundwater quality currently being monitored?
2. Is there a link between groundwater and surface water, and if so, how will it be managed?
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11. Since surface water and groundwater are connected, isn’t groundwater pumping dewatering the Napa River and threatening our remaining native fish populations?
12. Are you doing anything about well problems in the county like the Petra Dr / Soda Canyon area?
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