What is the goal of the GSP?

The goal of SGMA is to ensure that local or regional agencies have the necessary support and authority to properly manage groundwater resources through the use of information and evaluations to protect communities, farms, and the environment against prolonged dry periods and climate change, and to preserve water supplies for existing and potential beneficial uses. The goal is eliminating all undesirable results within 20 years of GSP approval and continue to sustainably manage the subbasin over the next 50 years and beyond.

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1. What is a GSP?
2. What is the goal of the GSP?
3. What are required elements of a GSP?
4. How do the GSP and the Napa Valley Integrated Hydrologic Model account for future development?
5. Does the water budget account for extractors of groundwater and surface water outside of the Subbasin?
6. What is the timeline for GSP submittal?
7. How is the GSP related to the Napa Valley Drought Contingency Plan?
8. What is the study of Hennessey and Milliken watersheds and how does it relate to the GSP?
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