What role does the State Water Project (SWP) play in the GSP?

The Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) entered into a Water Supply Contract (Contract) with DWR on December 19, 1963. This contract provided the District with water supplies from the SWP. Subsequently, the District entered into sub-contracts with the cities of Napa, American Canyon and Calistoga. These agencies are referred to as "Member Units."

The District may request up to 29,025 acre-feet of water annually from the SWP, for use by the three cities. For 2021, the approved allocation was 5% or 1,451 acre-feet. There is a prior year carryover of 4,853 acre-feet.

The SWP applies to the sustainability of ongoing municipal water service deliveries. Surface water resources are accounted for in the water budget for the subbasin in the GSP.

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1. What role does the State Water Project (SWP) play in the GSP?
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