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1. Can my structure be rebuilt if it is destroyed by fire?
2. Is a Building Permit required to repair damage to a structure?
3. If I had an issued permit on a parcel for a burned structure what happens with that permit?
4. What are the submittal requirements for a rebuild permit?
5. Will any fees be waived for reconstruction in the fire area?
6. If I increase the size of my home when I rebuild, will I have to pay permit fees and school fees on the increased square footage?
7. What is the estimated processing and/or approval time for a rebuild permit?
8. Will prioritizing a fire rebuild project affect the processing and/or approval time of standard non-fire related projects?
9. Am I required to rebuild the same square footage or within the original footprint that I previously had?
10. What will be considered a like for like replacement of the primary residence or other structure(s)?
11. When a structure is rebuilt, must it be built in compliance with current building codes?
12. What design professionals will I need to hire as I rebuild my home?
13. When rebuilding, do I need to do Energy Calculations and comply with the provisions of CALGreen?
14. If a home that burned down had an EPA compliant wood stove in it, can another be reinstalled?
15. Do Wildland Urban Interface (California Building Code Chapter R337 WUI/SRA) construction methods and materials apply to rebuilding?
16. Can a structure be rebuilt on a fire-damaged foundation?
17. What testing methods and/or suitability analysis will be required to utilize fire damaged foundations?
18. Can I leave my damaged foundation in place and enclose my old foundation with a new foundation?
19. Will my replacement home require fire sprinklers?
20. Do I need a licensed fire protection contractor to design and install the sprinkler system?
21. Will I need to upgrade my driveway entrance or road when rebuilding after the fire?
22. Must fire clearing and access width requirements be met for all rebuilds in High & Very High Fire Severity Zones?
23. Will the County require evidence of a legal lot and approved gross square footages prior to issuance of a new building permit?
24. Do I need a Grading Permit to rebuild?
25. Can I install a temporary trailer on my property during my rebuild?
26. What is one of the first steps I should do in the rebuild process?
27. Do I need sprinklers in my new structure?
28. What are some of the Napa County Fire Marshal’s rebuild requirements?