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Agricultural Commissioner's Office

  1. Agricultural Complaint

    You may file a complaint with the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner's Office by completing this complaint form. The Napa County Ag... More…

  2. Farm Labor Contractor Registration

    The Agricultural Commissioner wishes to emphasize items prior to registration and obtain the Farm Labor Contractor’s signature that... More…

  3. Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Registration

    Form for pilot registration for agricultural pest control in Napa County.

  4. Structural Pest Control Business/Qualifying Manager Registration - Branch 2 & 3

    Registration for Branch 2&3 Structural & Qualifying Manager Registration

  5. Weights and Measures Complaint Form

    Complain submission form for all Weights and Measures issues.

  1. Agricultural Pest Control Advisor Napa County Registration

    Fill out this form and bring it into the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner's Office, with payment, to register as a Pest Control... More…

  2. Insect Identification Request
  3. Request for Public Information

    Read the Public Information Policy, fill out and submit the request form.

  4. Structural Registration - Branch 1

    Registration for Branch 1 Structural Registration


  1. Change of Address

    Change of address form.

Board of Supervisors

  1. Supervisor Meeting Request Form

    Please fill out this request form completely. A staff assistant will follow up with you as soon as possible to schedule a meeting.

Fire Department

  1. Chipping Program Requests

    Form to be submitted to Napa County Fire Department Fire Marshals Office for a chipping request


  1. Literacy Learner Registration
  1. Volunteer Interest Survey

    If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the interest survey below. All volunteers receive a background check (18 or... More…

Planning, Building & Environmental Services

  1. Contact Information Fire Form

    Citizens who have lost structures in the fire and need to inquire about the steps to take to obtain a building permit, please fill out... More…

  2. Floodplain Management Permit Application

    Floodplain Management Permit Application

  3. Grading Permit Application

    Grading Permit Application

  4. Investigative Complaint Form

    Please provide at least a street name that the restaurant or facility is located to help us determine the correct location. Please add... More…

  5. Other Concerns

    Other Concerns.

  6. Preliminary Road Exception Application

    Preliminary Road Exception Application

  7. Reporting Illegal Grading

    Reporting illegal earthwork and roadway constructions.

  1. Final Inspection Request Form

    Engineering Final Inspection Request

  2. Grading Extension Permit Application

    Grading Extension Permit Application

  3. Illicit Discharge Report

    Reporting illicit discharge observed in the County of Napa.

  4. Napa County Best Management Practices Agreement for a Garden to Become an "Approved Source"
  5. Planning, Building & Environmental Services Code Complaint Form
  6. Project Guidance Stormwater Quality Compliance

    Project Guidance Stormwater Quality Compliance

  7. Water Systems Submittal


  1. Cold Case Tip Line & Form

    The Napa County Sheriff’s Office, Investigations Division, continues to investigate unsolved, Napa County homicides.

  2. Sheriff Tip Line & Form

    You can send information about a crime, or about someone who has an outstanding arrest warrant in Napa County directly to the... More…

  1. Online Comments

    We hope you submit your comments. Please include your contact information so that we can respond appropriately. All comments will be... More…

Web Master

  1. Contact the Webmaster

    Form for submitting comments regarding the County of Napa's public website.