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Insect Identification Request

  1. Insect ID
    Completely fill out the insect identification form. Bring the form, along with your properly sealed insect sample, into the Agricultural Commissioner's Office. *We do not identify ticks, wasps, bedbugs, fleas, or other human health related pests. *Forms submitted after 3:00 pm will be processed the next business day.
  2. The Napa County Mosquito Abatement District is an additional resource for insect identification. The District has three entomologists on staff and has expertise in identifying mosquitoes, wasps, flies, ticks, bedbugs, roaches, and other insects. The District can be contacted at 707-553-9610 and samples can be brought to their office at 15 Melvin Road, American Canyon.
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  5. Tell us more about your find. Where, what, how many, and your other concerns.
  6. Online Identification*
    We may not be able to properly ID your insect via photo alone. In that case we will contact you and ask you to bring the actual specimen into our office. - All samples must arrive in a sealed container: sealed bag, jar or plastic container. - Insect samples must be dead unless they are in the larval (caterpillar) or pupal (cocoon) stages. Place the sample in the freezer overnight before bringing it to the office
  7. Image Upload
    If you have a high quality image upload it here. We do not guarantee identification via photo only. We may ask you to bring in a properly prepared sample.
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