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Request for Public Information

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    The following is departmental policy concerning access to public information:

  3. A. Requests for access to and/or copies of public records will be processed during normal business hours at the office of the Agricultural Commissioner, 1710 Soscol Avenue, Suite 3, Napa, CA.

  4. B. Any person requesting access to public records will be required to submit such requests in writing, specifying the records to be inspected and stating if copies will be needed.

  5. C. Each request for access to public records will be reviewed by the County Agricultural Commissioner, or his designated representative, to determine if the information should be disclosed.

  6. D. Because the public disclosure status of records and data is often complex, Napa County Counsel may be consulted to make a determination of which records are public and which are confidential.

  7. E. In cases where the Commissioner seeks legal counsel, the Commissioner will respond within seven working days following receipt of request. Records that are determined to be available for public review and inspection shall be made available within a reasonable time thereafter.

  8. F. Generally, all requests will be accommodated on the same day as received, but we reserve the right to require specific appointments to accommodate reviews that would unduly interfere with the regular operation of the Department.

  9. G. The Agricultural Commissioner, or his representative, shall insure the proper care and protection of all records during inspection. A signed, dated and itemized record of inspection may be required.

  10. H. The person or business, whose records are subject to review, will be notified that their records were requested and have been reviewed.

  11. I. Should copies of documents be requested, an appropriate fee to recover costs may be charged. Fees for photocopies are 50 cents for each page up to the first 5 pages and 10 cents per page thereafter. Computer requested information is billed at $92.00 per hour, with a half-hour minimum charge.

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