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Request Fire Inspection

  1. Please Acknowledge all of the following:*
    1. All work performed is consistent with approved plans. 2. All as-builts shall be submitted, approved and on-site prior to requesting inspection. 3. Submitting this request does NOT automatically schedule an inspection. 4. We will schedule only the requested inspection. 5. Only technician performing work shall schedule the inspection. 6. Approved plans and permit card are required to be on-site during inspection. 7. Prior to requesting a Fire Final Inspection, all Defensible Space Guidelines shall be met.
  2. example: 555-765-4321
  3. If applicable, please enter any permit numbers. Separate each permit number with a comma.
  4. Type of Inspection(s) you are requesting*
    Please check all that apply
  5. example: 01/01/2021 10:00 am
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