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Planning, Building & Environmental Services

  1. Final Inspection Request Form

    Engineering Final Inspection Request

  2. Investigative Complaint Form

    Please provide at least a street name that the restaurant or facility is located to help us determine the correct location. Please add... More…

  3. Other Concerns

    Other Concerns.

  4. Preliminary Road Exception Application

    Preliminary Road Exception Application

  5. Reporting Illegal Grading

    Reporting illegal earthwork and roadway constructions.

  1. Illicit Discharge Report

    Reporting illicit discharge observed in the County of Napa.

  2. Napa County Best Management Practices Agreement for a Garden to Become an "Approved Source"
  3. Planning, Building & Environmental Services Code Complaint Form
  4. Project Guidance Stormwater Quality Compliance

    Project Guidance Stormwater Quality Compliance