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Grading Extension Permit Application


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  • Step One

    1. Napa Seal

    2. PBES Head Logo

    3. Grading Extension Permit Application

    4. Property Owner and Applicant Information

    5. Street City, Zip Code

    6. Street City, Zip Code

    7. 10 Digit Phone Number

    8. 10 Digit Phone Number

    9. Check Applicable Box*

    10. 10 Digit Phone Number

    11. Street City, Zip Code

    12. 10 Digit Phone Number

    13. Project Information

    14. Street City, Zip Code

    15. "###-###-###"

    16. Attach drawings and timeline to application.

    17. Is there and active SWPPP or SQMP associated with the Project?

    18. Is the Project substantially complete (70% or more)?

    19. Is any work associated with any of the following Fish & Game Permits?

    20. Is the project located within a Sensitive Domestic Water Supply Drainage area?

      If 'Yes', then submit documentation that the appropriate water purveyor has been contacted.

    21. Application Fees:

    22. Application fee for processing a grading extension is $141.00 in accordance with the Napa County Policy Manual Section 140.025(c)as revised by the Board of Supervisors on May 2, 2019, Resolution 2019-70. There will be a 3.3% surcharge added per Section 140.015. Please see attached condition #5 for additional stormwater inspection fees that may apply.