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Project Guidance Stormwater Quality Compliance

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  3. Project Guidance Stormwater Quality Compliance
  4. Project Information
  5. Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) Applicability
  6. Under Provision E.10 of a statewide Phase II municipal stormwater NPDES permit reissued by the California State Water Resource Control Board in 2013, requires Napa County to establish and enforce an erosion and sediment control program to minimize the discharge of sediment and construction related pollutants. All individuals undertaking public or private construction or ground disturbing activities must take steps to prevent the discharge of pollutants resulting from these activities. Specified projects that require local permits or trigger ground disturbance thresholds must prepare plans describing the BMPs that will be implemented. Refer to Napa County’s Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Guidance Table 3, Levels of Erosion and Sediment Control Requirements, for a summary of the general levels of requirements that are further described in the guidance document. Please respond to the following questions.
  7. Does the project require a Grading Permit?
  8. Does the project proposed soil disturbance greater or equal to 10,000 square feet?*
  9. Unit*
  10. Does the project propose soil disturbance on slopes greater or equal to 5%?*
  11. Does the project propose installation of new and/or reconstructed storm drains which discharge to a municipal storm system or receiving water body?*
  12. Does this activity fall within 50 feet of an existing storm drain?*
  13. Post-Construction Stormwater Control Plan (SCP) Applicability
  14. Under Provision E.12 of a statewide Phase II municipal stormwater NPDES permit reissued by the California State Water Resource Control Board in 2013, requires Napa County to regulate development projects to control pollutants in runoff from newly created or replaced impervious surface. Prior to submittal of a use, building, or grading permit, applicants must determine the Project Type, Project Requirements and submittal requirements. Refer to Napa County's BASMAA Post- Construction Manual Table 1-1, Requirements at a Glance, for a summary of project type requirements.
  15. Type of Project*
  16. *Single-Family home or dwelling unit means a dwelling unit containing not more than one kitchen, designed to be occupied by not more than one family, and includes a manufactured home as defined in Section 18.08.360 which is installed on a permanent foundation and certified under the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. Sections 5401 and following).
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